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More than 500 African equities including valuation, prices, fundamentals and more

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African ETFs including prices and constituents

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African indices including composition content and histroty

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News & Sentiment

Our news covers the whole Africa. Fast and reliable, we deliver data from different sources in a comprehensive feed.

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Advanced Graphing

Easy and intuitive access to data focused on stocks, company fundamentals, ETFs, government and economic data.

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Compare multiple trading years for a given security and discover the right tendency for the present moment.


Loosely translated as The Watchtower - is a platform built and used by farmers in Eritrea to guard and watch over their crop fields (especially of sorghum) from invading birds. By climbing the Wala, the farmers are able to see their fields and the horizon clearly.

African Stock Exchanges
Listed Exchanges
  • Lagos Stock Exchange
  • Johannesburg Stock Exchange
  • Namibian Stock Exchange
  • Ghana Stock Exchange
  • Zimbabwe Stock Exchange
  • Lusaka Stock Exchange

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